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Robin Carlton

Blue Purple Enchanted Tree Token

Blue Purple Enchanted Tree Token

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Keep this lightweight, original art wood token with you for grounding, balance, and stability.  Use it as a reminder that you are strong and your roots go deep.

Trees hold a profound spiritual meaning, representing the embodiment of grounding and interconnectedness, as their roots delve deep into the earth while their branches reach toward the heavens, bridging the realms of earthly existence and the divine. In their enduring presence and unwavering strength, trees serve as a symbol of wisdom, resilience, and the eternal cycle of life, reminding us to find harmony within ourselves and with the natural world around us.

This tree is hand drawn using colored pencils, pens, and markers. It is sealed to protect the art and comes with a postcard to remind you of its message.  

Token is a 1 1/2 inch wood circle, 1/8 inch thick.

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