What thing are you holding on to?

What are you afraid to let go of, although you know it’s time? 

Why are you holding on? 

Is it fear of the unknown?

Are you comfortable and don’t want to rock the boat?

Are you not sure what else to do?

Are you settling because you’ve got it good, and you should be grateful for what you have?

Are you afraid you’ll make the wrong decision, and you know there is no going back?

Do you doubt your ability to make a good decision?

What if you regret letting go of it?

Remember a time when you had one or more of these thoughts about a situation and instead of letting it stop you, you went ahead and released it?  Do you remember how good it felt? Do you remember feeling like it was the best decision ever?  Did you wonder why it took you so long?

Experience has shown me that holding on to something when you know its time, causes stress, fear, anxiety, and chaos. It doesn’t feel good. 

It doesn’t get easier; each situation has its own set of concerns.  Some situations have higher stakes than others.  Sometimes it is easy, and other times it is hard.

We tend to make up stories that aren’t true, but we say them to ourselves over and over. And we need to be careful here because we could bring them to life if we put enough energy in to what we are telling ourselves.

When discomfort presents itself, it can be a sign it’s the right thing to do. 

Sometimes it’s hard to decipher when discomfort is a sign that you shouldn’t do it and when it’s a sign that it’s time for a change.

The feeling of discomfort that you feel in the pit of your stomach, the one that makes you feel sick or heavy, that is usually a sign that what you’re considering is not the best decision for you. 

The feeling of discomfort you get when it’s time to let go can be tricky.  It kind of feels the same but it is lighter.  And deep down you know its truth. But it doesn’t make it any easier.

Example:  I know it’s time for change in my career.  I also know that the current job I have is the right job for me right now.  I know that something is brewing that is going to come along for me.  But I am stuck in this energy of wanting the shift right now, but the timing is not now.  So, if I look for a new job somewhere else, I get this pit feeling in my body.  It’s heavy and it doesn’t feel good.  Logically, if I want something different, I should look for a new job.  However, the release here is not about releasing my current job.  It’s about releasing the need to control the situation.  I already know that things are in play and patience is needed.  When I realize that I know it’s all good and will work in my favor, I have a lightness about the situation.  I may not like it, but I am aware of it.

I also want my business to thrive, but I doubt my ability to have a business.  I doubt that what I have others will want.  The problem is that I don’t act because I fear that my ability and my offering isn’t good enough.  The release here is letting go of the fear.  Fear will always stop us.  The secret is to have the courage to do it anyway.  So, releasing the belief that I am not good enough is the solution.  This isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight.  But it can happen if you practice. 

I’ll leave you with this affirmation. 


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