About the Enchanted Elementals

The Enchanted Elementals are a mix of art, wisdom, inspiration, and imagination all coming together. It's a special kind of art that goes beyond just what we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. It's about bringing together the logical and spiritual sides of things to show the true essence, the heart and soul of something.

Enchanted Elemental Tesla, Trust



Each drawing that I create tells me its name, its essence, and a message.  





The Enchanted Elementals can empower us to make changes and support our inner dialogue and interactions with others. This helps us respond to life in a more conscious way. They encourage us to deepen our awareness and our ability to let our spirit live fully. They are a portal to our imagination to help us have an open mind and to feel differently about ourselves, or a part of our lives, and to act in new ways. When working with the Enchanted Elementals, you will be able to make new choices and decisions and take creative actions.

Where words may not penetrate, the picture does, so deep that they are mostly unnoticed initially, but felt for a lifetime. Things begin to happen for those who look, doors that were once closed, now open. Feeling are felt where once numb. Words will be absorbed where they once evaporated. As you connect with the Enchanted Elementals they will support you in exploring your inner wisdom; your unique process of self-discovery. Remember to follow your intuitive knowings and use your imagination to explore them. They really are a companion to help you along your chosen path by holding the energy you need now. 

Here's just a few examples of how the Enchanted Elementals will work with you: 

  • Bring a fresh perspective to your situation, challenge, relationship, decisions.
  • Bring awareness to your thought patterns to bring about graceful change and transformation 
  • Expand your sensitivity to inner resources and uncover an understanding of personal issues in a new way

The Enchanted Elemental Collective have this to say:

It is our deepest wish that you find inspiration, magic, and empowerment to walk your journey in peace and harmony always

The Enchanted Elementals always show up when called upon.  If you have a desire to get insight on something, just ask to be shown the Enchanted Elemental who can offer you guidance.  I am the creator and steward of the Enchanted Elementals and I still after all these years get my socks knocked off from the accurate insight and wisdom they deliver when you need it.  Something to remember - sometimes the Enchanted Elementals will bring insight that may feel uncomfortable for you.  This is part of the  growth process, but you always have a choice as to whether or not you want to take the guidance.  If its too much, leave it for another time.  I will tell if you can percolate and process the insight, it will leave you in a much better place. 

There is so much more to share about the Enchanted Elementals, but the only way to understand is to experience them.  There are many ways to get to know the Enchanted Elementals - read the blog, follow our social media, get on our email list, and peruse the shop to find some unique ways they choose to show up in this physical world.